Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's almost winter time.
I can feel the weather is getting colder, and sometimes I feel the city is quite chill.
It makes me homesick; I miss my parents and the mood of the city that I grown up.
Anyway, I'm going home for this Christmas and New Year again.
Somehow I'm kind of disappointed that I've never had a Christmas in Vancouver.
Yesterday was Halloween. Well, this is always not my day. I don't have any friends around me that will enjoy the mood of scary night. Honestly, I was hoping there would be something interesting happened. However, I just watched two not so scary movies last night with XXX. And these brownies are brought to home by her, and it was the only thing will remind me Halloween. Maybe next year, I will get involved and wear like Sakura Momoko. LOL!!

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